IT checklist for setting up a new office


  1. WAN/ Telecoms data links (what is a WAN connection?)
  2. Internet connection
  3. Network equipment; router/ firewall/ switches/ wireless access points.
  4. Cabling from Telecoms data link termination point to your Comms room
  5. Wired Local Area Network (LAN) Data cabling junction boxes at locations sufficient to feed workstations, meeting rooms and common areas
  6. Data cabling runs not exceeding maximum distance (100m for Cat5/ 6/ 7)
  7. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Access Point placement sufficient to cover workstations, meeting rooms (at full capacity) and common areas, for both laptops and mobiles (consider 3 devices per person; laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  8. WLAN signal pre and post survey
  9. Consider separate guest network for visitors


  1. IP Handsets (what are IP telephony handsets?)
  2. Headsets
  3. Port existing number of purchase new number ranges
  4. IP PBX configured for new numbers if applicable
  5. IP PBX inbound public network connectivity (SIP or ISDN lines)
  6. Power
  7. Directory
  8. Speed dials
  9. Hunt/ pickup groups
  10. Independent PSTN lines for lift, fire, security use


  1. Screen/s
  2. Screen mounting brackets/ arms
  3. Docking stations
  4. Sufficient air flow for laptop/ computer cooling
  5. Power outlets
  6. Domain Controllers
  7. Cable management

Meeting rooms

  1. Displays
  2. Speakers
  3. Microphones for video conferencing
  4. Audio visual control panel
  5. Video conferencing control panel
  6. Computer wired and wireless connectivity
  7. Meeting room table computer display connectivity
  8. Meeting room table network and power connectivity for laptops
  9. Room acoustics for conferencing considered
  10. Room lighting for conferencing considered
  11. Equipment space for room AV related equipment (audio amplifiers, video codec, AV switches, etc), including suitable power, security, ventilation

Comms room

  1. Comms room locations sufficient that data cabling can reach all locations within 100m maximum length
  2. All cabling (copper and fibre) tested for installed length, and cable quality
  3. Air conditioning sufficient to keep equipment cool from day 1 and any expansion
  4. Raised floor to allow cabling between or to data cabinet
  5. Data cabinet/s size sufficient for day 1 and any expansion
  6. Network switch, power distribution, and patch panels in each data cabinet
  7. Data cabinet fans
  8. Data cabinet redundant power source; building UPS or rack UPS
  9. Dedicated power circuit
  10. Server infrastructure
  11. Server applications


  1. Printer (Multi Functional Device) location
  2. Print server

File storage

  1. Local file server

Common areas

  1. Displays
  2. Display set-top box or equivalent
  3. Audio/ speakers
  4. Network availability for set-top box connectivity
  5. Display bracket to ceiling/ wall


  1. Reception desk displays
  2. Laptop docking station
  3. Visitor / induction tablet
  4. Visitor display
  5. Hearing induction loop
  6. Telephone switchboard features


  1. Secure storage for deliveries
  2. Loading bay day and time restrictions for deliveries
  3. Will large deliveries fit through doors/ lifts/ corridors
  4. Is protection of doors/ lifts/ corridors required to facilitate delivery
  5. Site induction for staff completing work
  6. Method statements and Risk Assessments

User moves

  1. Identify user equipment to move or replace (external computer displays, display privacy screens, external mouse, external keyboard, computer docking station) and order new equipment as applicable
  2. Identify moving company for user equipment

Former office site decommission

  1. Cancel network links
  2. secure removal and disposal of obsolete IT equipment

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