IT checklist for equipment deliveries

  1. When hardware is delivered and if someone is remotely accepting delivery ask that they compare the picking slip against the actual delivery.
  2. When hardware is delivered and if someone is remotely accepting delivery ask that they print a note with the name and contact person who the delivery is for.
  3. For large deliveries, identify in advance if loading bay and/or goods lift access is required. If required, identify booking and access procedures.
  4. For large deliveries, identify if delivery is to the building only, or to the location within a building where the goods will be stored.
  5. Validate if the delivery is to the building, or to a location within a building. This becomes relevant for large or heavy deliveries.
  6. For deliveries that arrive on a pallet, understand who/how goods will be removed from the pallet.
  7. If transport within a building or site is required, how will this be done and is any co-ordination required (i.e. internal lift protection, or use of a trolley)
  8. Consider rubbish removal
  9. Consider safety during unpacking; knives, protective gloves, heavy lifting
  10. Identify secure storage; who has access, if something is removed who is informed, does insurance cover the storage location.

Anecdote: I’ve had a delivery of a huge LCD screen once. The box was too large for the goods lift. To get the screen to the intended destination in the building an external fixed window was removed and a crane used from the street to transport the LCD screen from the ground into the room the screen was for.

TIP: If someone is accepting the delivery for you, ask that a photo of the boxes in their storage location is taken. While boxes can move, it does help communicate to other exactly where the boxes are.

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